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Exclusive: Interview with Xiaomi Mi India Facebook group’s Devansh Arora

Xiaomi has taken the Indian market with storm which is in no mood to stop. After selling 20,000 units of Mi 3 yesterday, Mi India also launched the accessories for Mi 3.
Xiaomi Mi India had organised a “Mi 3 Order Giveaway” to help people who couldn’t order Mi 3 and we thought it was a noble concept.

Xiaomi Mi India

We caught up with Devansh Arora, the master mind behind this concept and asked him about “how did the first order giveaway and how difficult was it?”. Find out more in the full interview below.

Q. How many people officially participated to giveaway their orders and how many were interested in obtaining the Xiaomi Mi 3 from them?

Ans: We got more than 40 people interested in hosting the giveaway and most of those people were not able to order. We got only 5 Mi 3 orders to giveaway at first. Later on, number of people wanting to get the Mi 3 became more than 100, we wanted to help all of them as we know how disappointing it feels not to able to order the Xiaomi Mi 3. But we couldn’t help all of them as demand was more compared to supply much like the flash sale situation. After that we got more people coming forward to give away their Mi 3 order at not extra cost and they also helped people unofficially. We are working on a better method to do this kind of initiative and will announce it soon.

Q. What are the difficulties you faced during this noble initiative?

Ans: We faced many difficulties as we had to make a different group for people who were interested in helping others by giving away their Mi 3 order. We had to invite people one by one to that group and we also had to take care of spam’s in the group. Some people were just joining the group because they wanted to get the Mi 3 for themselves. Then we had to manage everything which took a long time. Some people also refused to give their Mi 3 orders at the last moment and that was really shocking for us. Other than that I received more than 50 Personal Messages on facebook to order Mi 3 for them.

Q. As you said many people backed out at the last moment and wanted to giveaway their orders at a premium. Did you take any steps to curb the situation as your policy is strictly against those kind of people?

Ans: Yes, we banned those people from our group.

Q. Any special plans for next week’s flash sale?

Ans: We will announce that soon. We can tell you that it will be a better and simpler plan than our current procedure and people won’t get disappointed.Well you heard it from the man himself, so if you would like someone else to book a Mi 3, you know whom to inbox.

For more information, join Xiaomi Mi India facebook group.

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