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Infocus sells more than 1 lakh smartphones in India so far

Infocus, a US-based smartphone maker has hit their first milestone in the Indian smartphone market. The company entered India three months back and started selling smartphones exclusively on Snapdeal.


Infocus has so far sold more than 1 lakh (100,000 units) smartphones in India so far exclusively on Snapdeal. The US-based company entered India with M2 and M330 which are priced at Rs 4,999 and Rs 9,999 respectively.

According to the company, they have a small team in India and have spent a negligible amount on marketing efforts. It has gained success due to word-of-mouth publicity and the reviews it has received. They also note that the demand was thrice of the inventory available for both the models. It has been a hit among the youngsters as according to a consumer survey, about 65% customers are in the 18-25 years old bracket.

Speaking on this achievement, InFocus Country Head, Sachin Thapar said,

“We are indeed thrilled at hitting this milestone so early in our journey. Within three months of launch, it is proved that the Indian customer values quality above all else. Despite being the new kid on the block, InFocus has received such a tremendous response only because the product it is offering in the market far surpasses all competition in terms of build, design, functionality, specifications and price. We will continue to leverage the value offered by the Snapdeal platform in terms of reach and valuable consumer insights in the future as well.”

Speaking about this, Tony Navin, Senior Vice President, Snapdeal said,

“The customer response to InFocus has been tremendous. Reaching this significant milestone in a short period of time especially in a fiercely competitive Indian smartphone market, is a testimony to the brand’s superior yet affordable proposition and the unmatched platform provided by Snapdeal. We are confident that we will continue to see a positive response for the brand as it gears to introduce other devices exclusively on Snapdeal in the near future.”

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