How Micromax is taking 4G LTE to the masses in India

If you Google the word #Technocrats, it answers “an exponent or advocate of technocracy”. Micromax Informatics is one of the main #Technocrats in India today and they are serious about democratizing 4G LTE in the country.


There is no denying the fact that when it comes to ‘Broadband’ Internet speed, India is lagging way behind in comparison to the developed countries as well as many developing countries. Broadband penetration has not kept pace with the evolution of Technology and Smartphones. Majority of consumers use mobile data (2G/3G/4G) on their smartphones throughout the country. Hence, it is very important to have great 4G LTE network structure and affordable 4G LTE enabled smartphones to technologically empower the next generations.

In our observation, Micromax is playing an important role in democratizing 4G LTE in India. The company is churning out great Android phones with Octacore processors, different screen sizes, battery capacity, cameras, etc in a variety of price brackets. Make no mistake that 4G is an upcoming technology in India and most telecom operators do not support it yet, but with Vodafone and Reliance Jio working in full flow to roll out 4G across Pan India by the end of 2015 or early 2016, India will witness 4G revolution. Hence, it is very important that smartphone manufacturers include the necessary 4G LTE bands (TDD B40 2300 MHz and FDD B3 1800 MHz) in their handsets, that too irrespective of the price range and Micromax is leading the way.


Lets look at few smartphones Micromax has launched in the last couple of months in India that are 4G LTE enabled. In the Rs 5,000 – Rs 8,000 range, the company recently launched the Canvas Fire 4G, Canvas Blaze 4G and Canvas Blaze 4G+. Micromax’s latest flagship smartphone – the Canvas 5 comes with the best hardware in its price range along with 7 day door step service policy. All of these handsets have 4G LTE as common factor.

Smartphones are the most wanted gadgets in the world. People do not use their computers anymore for casual browsing or working on a word document. They use their smartphones and tablets. With millions of apps, you can literally download anything on these smartphones. Hence, many companies have the audacity of shutting down their websites and take the app-only model.

Also, a smartphone without internet access is a dumb phone. There are no two ways about it. Hence, if someone is even using a Rs 40,000 flagship Android phone or an iPhone but does not have internet access, he/she will not be able do much with their phones. With internet access, the world becomes a small village where information travels across the world in a matter of seconds. Thus, with 4G LTE being the fastest available mobile internet, first and foremost, we have to ensure there are enough smartphones and tablets that are LTE enabled as well as affordable. Secondly, the network should reach remote places across the country and service quality should not take a hit after mass deployment.

Being the second highest smartphone maker in the country and soon to be No. 1, Micromax has an immense responsibility of leading the 4G revolution in India. Of course, they are on the right track and with competition from other brands, it is just going to get even better. But as an Indian, “yeh dil maange more” and we would want each and every smartphone manufacturer and telecom operator to join the 4G bandwagon to provide us with world-class smartphones and mobile networks.

To 4G LTE and beyond!

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