Google’s modular Project Ara smartphones to support Rockchip processors

Google has given us a demo of a prototype device at the Google I/O. Google named it as ‘Project Ara’ and teased it with a video. Though the demo wasn’t a total success but we got a glimpse of what the device would be.


We always wished to have a device which we can configure ourself according to our needs. We’ve seen them only in Sci-Fi movies but its gonna be reality soon in coming years. Thanks to ‘Project Ara’.

Google has been working on few of its prototypes.These prototypes feature chipsets from Texas Instruments (OMAP 4460 to be precise). However, Google just announced that Project Ara modules will be compatible with SoCs from China based fabricator Rockchip.

Rockchip is best known for making high-performance SoCs at a very affordable cost. However, the company has usually dealt in TV boxes and Android tablets, so something like the Project Ara will be a completely new platform for the company.

The first prototype to support Rockchip’s upcoming system-on-a-chip is expected to be available in early 2015.And if all goes according to plan, we could see commercial versions of Google’s new modular smartphone in the next year or two.

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