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Google is working on a cross-platform communication tool named as Copresence

Google is working on a new feature which has been codenamed as ‘Copresence’. The new feature would let Android and iOS devices share their content and communicate whenever they are within a limited range.

This new feature would be based on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi in the nearby field of communication and would help Android users to share content like messages, contacts, and photos to iPhone and iPad users and vice versa. This feature would be a boon for both the platforms since exchanging data in the cross- platform scenario was not possible till date and maybe the most awaited feature we needed.


A tipster who took a peek into the latest Google Play Services APK found the images, related to Copresence setup and onboarding. They show happy devices exchanging data, authenticating, and just being happy in general. The APK also contains XML definitions for the setup process’ various layouts.

A Copresence API for Chrome has also been spotted in developer documentation, Google has been granted a patent for Copresence functionality, and there have been reviews and issue reports for the API internally as recently as this month. Our tipster says the functionality is expected to hit in “the coming weeks.

Via: AndroidPolice

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