Google acquires Softcard in order to compete with Apple Pay

Google announced that it has purchased some technology and intellectual property from NFC-based mobile payment service Softcard, formerly known as Isis Mobile Wallet. The purchase will allow Google to improve upon its existing mobile wallet technology to better compete with Apple Pay.


Softcard faced competition from Google Wallet, the NFC-based app introduced by the internet giant in 2011. The Softcard carriers blocked Google’s app, and that hurt Google Wallet.

Softcard, will let more Android owners take advantage of Google’s tap-and-pay system. Softcard confirmed the acquisition in a company blog and stated that customers “can continue to tap and pay with the app”. It promised to “share more information with customers and partners in the coming weeks,” which suggests changes are coming.

The carriers’ desire to compete in mobile payments was one of Google Wallets biggest roadblocks. With Softcard out of the way, Google should have an easier time battling Apple Pay, although Samsung looks set to jump into the fray with its acquisition of LoopPay.

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