Google Search optimised for slower networks in India

A recent report revealed that  mobile internet adoption is increasing in India. Today Google has announced that it has released a streamlined version of Google Search that would enable Indian mobile internet users search faster even with slow data connection such as 2G.


Firstly Google named the project as ‘ Project Verylite’ but later they renamed it. There are several mobile browsers such as Opera Mini that compresses the data by up to 90% so that you can save time and money. UC Browser also claims itself to be the fastest  among mobile browsers. In the last update of the Android app of Google Chrome, they introduced a new feature known as ‘Bandwidth Management’ which helps compress data via Google servers and on a whole reduces data usage by 30-40%.

Lighter Google search would save time by offering faster results and also save your money since it consumes less data. Hope it can do well over 2G data.

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Debjeet Pal

He is now a BTech graduate in ECE department. He loves to play guitar and has keen interest in Music. Geek by nature, fiddles around with Android and Windows.