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Google Play app starts getting flooded with Adware

Ads are of great concern to smartphone users these days. Every free app do have some kind of advertisement popping up in its window. Lately a report from Avast said that many popular Android apps on Google Play Store are infected with adware. Moreover those apps have been downloaded several times by users.


One such app being an app named as ‘Durak’ which falls under the category of Games. The app has been downloaded for about 10 million times and contains adware. Other apps down the list are IQ Test app, a history app and many more. Avast says it has analyzed the three mentioned here, and is currently researching more apps.

These adware begins their main game after a period of 30 days in the users smartphone. The ads does not begin to appear until user have rebooted their device at least once afterwards these ads will appear each time the end user unlocks their phone. The ads prompts consumers to visit malicious websites or to download security software.


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