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Google officially reveals Android Marshmallow

Google had introduced the next iteration of Android at its annual developer summit back in May. It was then just called ‘Android M’. Couple of days back, the company has revealed that Android ‘M’ stands for Android Marshmallow.


Android Marshmallow is more of an incremental update, much like iOS 8 to iOS 9. However, it is the sixth major version of the Android OS. As rumoured earlier, it is not called Android 5.2 but Android 6.0, which is fair enough. Google has already released the latest version of Android 6.0 SDK and the software preview can be installed on compatible Nexus devices for now. It is still in beta stage but near final. Hence, Google advises the consumers to stay away from it for the time being.

Lets talk about couple of new features of Android Marshmallow now. Most notable feature would be that users can now have more control over that information apps can use. For e.g. : Giving permission to apps about what information they have access to. This should take care of the major privacy issues. Another feature is the integration of Android Pay mobile wallet platform. One the future proof features is that Android now natively supports USB Type-C and fingerprint scanners.

The two devices that are expected to run on Android Marshmallow are the Huawei Nexus 6 (2015) and the LG Nexus (2015). We will jot down the main features of Android M aka Marshmallow sometime soon. Hence, stay tuned.

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