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Google officially announces new Chromecast 2015 edition priced at USD 35

Google announced a new Chromecast 2015 at the event in San Francisco yesterday, other than unveiling the Nexus smartphones and a new hybrid tablet. Lets dive deep into the new Chromecast to see what it brings with it.


The new Google Chromecast 2015 is a streaming stick that comes with a fresh hardware design along with new internals, when compared to the original Chromecast. One of the biggest addition to the 2015 iteration is its WiFi capability. Now, the Chromecast supports WiFi 802.11 ac standard as well as the 5.0 GHz WiFi and it will allow the users to experience an overall faster streaming getting past the network congestion.


One of the new features in this year’s Chromecast is Fast Play which aims to improve the day-to-day usage experience. This will allow video, audio streams to pre-cache a small amount of data by analyzing the user’s viewing habits. This in return will help the user enjoy faster video playback, when they launch the app and navigate to a specific video, as the Chromecast would already download a few seconds of that particular video. It is 13.49 mm thick and is supported on Android 4.1, iOS 7, Mac OS X 10.7, Windows 7 and higher. It supports both HDMI and microUSB and comes with a 1.75 mm long power cable.

The new Google Chromecast 2015 is also being pitched as a gaming device made for family, just like the new Apple TV. Developers now have the option to render a game on both the smartphone display and TV while allowing users to control the game via the smartphone. However, most of the update has been made within the Chromecast app itself as it now shows you which of your apps support the Chromecast and also gives out content recommendations. It has been priced at US $35 (INR Rs 2,293 approximately) and will be available in 17 countries at launch. It has now attained a nice form factor along with many refreshing colors – Black, Lemonade and Coral. Also, Google has sold more than 20 million Chromecasts so far.

Google has also announced Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Google Pixel C tablet at the event.

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