Google managed a net income of $4.76 billion in Q4 2014

The search giant Google announced theirQ4 earning last week. Meanwhile LG Electronics and Samsung has also published their earnings reports. On Google’s part they have claimed a revenue of $18.1 billion in Q4 2014 which is up from their last years earning of $16.86 billion. The Search giant managed to make a net income of $4.76 billion. Meanwhile the Cupertino giant also announced their earning reports few days back, do have a look. Google_logo1

The Wall Street Journal’s expected prediction for revenue was at $18.46 billion in Q4 though Google couldn’t manage to achieve that. The company’s total revenue went up to $66 billion in the year 2014. Moreover the company’s advertising business helped to grab the revenue that accounted for 89 percent of its total revenues.

Ben Schachter, an analyst with Macquarie Securities, said

“For many years they talked about how investments would be 70 percent in core search, 20 percent on things ancillary to search and 10 percent on moonshots,”

Google-owned sites drove $12.43 billion in revenues for the quarter, up 18 percent, while partner sites made up $3.72 billion of the revenues. 56% of Google’s Q4 revenue came from outside US accounting for $10.23 billion which is just 2 percent less than the previous quarter. Google’s earnings also reported that the sale resulted in a net gain of $740 million (not including taxes) for Google.

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