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Google Chrome 64-bit stable version finally arrives for Windows

The Google Chrome 64-bit stable version is now available for download on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Google launched this browser version back in June,but the stable version was released today.

Google Chrome 64 bit

Although the version available for download is a beta version,it still lets you play with the latest Chrome features. The graphics and media benchmarks have particularly improved according to Google.

Also,the rendering engines in the Google Chrome 64-bit  are supposedly almost twice as stable> Thus ensures  a smoother and more visually pleasing experience. It is also expected to be more immune to falling prone to vulnerabilities. Chrome can now use the latest OS features particularly in Windows 8.  It is also expected to  better defend  against security exploitations like JIT spraying

Google Chrome 64 bit

Google Chrome 64-bit obviously means faster performance since it can take advantage of larger instruction sets. Thus it can take advantage of modern processing techniques and compiler optimizations. Existing defense features have been improved and further optimized. Being in beta phase, some technical issues can still be expected.Google will continue to support the 32-bit version. You can give the Google Chrome 64-bit a go and  downloaded it from there website.


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