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Samsung to hit Global market with ‘Youm’ displayed Note Edge

Samsung is known for making multiple variants of a typical high-end device and coin different names for each. Same is the story with the upcoming device Galaxy Note 4 including one with a curved screen that wraps around the edges. We may finally have the name of the device as Samsung has been granted a trademark for the name “Galaxy Note Edge,” SamMobile reports.



As expected, the Galaxy Note Edge is essentially a Galaxy Note 4 phablet with three-sided display. To achieve this, the company has used ‘YOUM’ technology, which allows for flexible OLED displays.The regular Galaxy Note 4 phablet will flaunt a 5.7-inch QHD 1440p display but there is no words on the new device’s sizing.

SamMobile further states that the Galaxy Note Edge is unlikely to be available globally and will instead be limited to a few markets.The regular version of Galaxy Note 4 will be unveiled at a IFA event this year and it is expected that the company might take the wraps off the Galaxy Note Edge at the same stage too.


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