FrndiNeed Review: Travel safer with your friends

“Forget Uber, TaxiForSure and Ola – Travel with your friends indeed.” A Delhi-based startup has launched an app called FrndiNeed – that primarily focuses on travelling with friends and not alone or with cab drivers. Check out our FrndiNeed review. Download the app on Google Play Store on your Android devices. iOS app is coming soon.


FrndiNeed is an app which will ensure safe travel anytime and anywhere, help in planning meet-up with friends and geo-locate friends to plan a trip together.

Last year in December, a 27-year old woman was raped in a Uber Cab, which lead to serious questions regarding the safety of women while traveling in a cab in New Delhi or any part of the country for that matter. Cabs, once considered as one of the safest travel options are no longer on ‘travel-friendly list of communication’ for the citizens of India.

A Delhi-based startup called Smartube Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. has launched an innovative app called ‘FrndiNeed’ to solve this problem to a certain extent. The app suggests the user to travel with their friends all the time. You do not need to call every friend to ask their location but can open the ‘FrndiNeed’ app which will locate your nearest friends to your location. You can chat with your friends or poke them from the app itself to plan a ride together.


First of all you need to register for the app.


So, this is the home screen of FrndiNeed which has ‘Meet Up’, ‘Insta Meet’, ‘Lift’, ‘SOS’ and ‘Plan Carpool.’ The Meet up planner will let you select your friends, input the information with ‘event name’, ‘place name’, ‘time’ and ‘date’ to plan a ride together. Insta Meet shows up your location.


Life feature will let you put your destination and request for a ride with your friends. The ‘SOS’ option will send a text alert to all your connected friends to alert them of your urgent situation. You can Plan a Carpool with your friends by choosing to be the driver yourself or a fellow passenger and mentioning your ‘source’ and ‘destination’ route.

FrndiNeed is a socially enabled app that helps in utilising your geo-location to make every day travel smoother, safer and economically viable. Pronounced as “Friend-in-Need”, this app will let you find your nearby friend and ask them for Lift. You can poke them for instant plans or even Plan a Meet Up. FrndiNeed will also let you use features like Packing Planner and SOS which will send a text to all friends in urgent situations.


FrndiNeed app is a noble concept to make your rides safer instead of travelling alone or feeling lonely. However, we need to be practical as well as it is not possible to travel with friends all the time and you need to depend on those radio cab services as well.

Nonetheless, try the app and let us know, if you have any suggestions for the app developer on ‘how it can be improved’ or ‘which new features should be implemented.’

Download the app on Google Play Store on your Android devices. iOS app is coming soon.

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