Flash sale of Everbuying 2015 best selling smartwatches 2.0

The second edition (Version 2.0) of Everbuying 2015 best selling smartwatches is starting tomorrow. The e-commerce portal had a similar flash sale back in August. Lets check out the devices that will be up for grabs soon.


The Everbuying 2015 best selling smartwatches has two parts – one is flash sale and another is Other Recommended Best Selling Watches. The smartwatches available under flash sale are limited in stocks. The sale starts tomorrow (September 15) at 9:00 GMT. On the other hand, the Other Recommended Best Selling Watches are here to stay, however, prices might vary over time. So, lets check out the latest smartwatches.

Everbuying 2015 best selling smartwatches 2.0 : Flash Sale


MIFONE W15 Smartwatch

The MIFONE W15 smartwatch will be up for grabs starting at 9:00 GMT on September 15 and will end on September 18. Here, only one consumer will get the opportunity to buy it for US $9.99 whereas others will be able to purchase it for US $19.99. Stocks are limited, so hurry.


Ulefone uWear Smartwatch

The Ulefone uWear will be exclusively available here. It is now selling for US $29.99. From September 15-18, it will be available for just US $22.99. The price will increase by a dollar to US $23.99 from September 18-21. Again, it will increase to US $26.99 from September 21-24. Finally after September 24, the price will be back to normal i.e., $29.99. Hence, we do not need to specify that when you should grab this new smartwatch from Ulefone.


Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch

The Zeblaze Crystal will be up for grab for just US $54.99 from September 15 starting at 9:00 GMT. As there are limited stocks, we would suggest the consumers to purchase them quickly. For the record, we also have purchased one recently and the review is coming soon.


DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch

The DZ09 bluetooth smartwatch will be up for grab for just US $22.99 from September 15 starting at 9:00 GMT. However, there will be limited stock available for purchase.

There will also be some fashionable watches on sale under the “Other Recommended Best Selling Watches” section. Do check them out as well at the Everbuying 2015 best selling smartwatches 2.0.

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