News brings the good old barter system back in India

There are hundreds of e-commerce sites in India and we came across an interesting one that brings back the good old barter system back in India. Here, we are talking about whose tagline is “Buy.Sell.Exchange!”

As we have already discussed, is mainly based on the traditional barter system which you might have come across in your History books once upon a time. Basically, it is exchanging the products you have with the products you need. Here, Faida becomes the platform and is helping two parties connect in buying, selling and exchanging goods.

Lets talk about the main categories of products being available on the website. They are Mobiles & Tablets, Home & Furniture, Electronics, Computers & Appliances, Books & Hobbies, Clothing, Luggage & Accessories and more. You can also check out the demand list where the items required by others have been listed and of course you can add you own listing for free.

Suppose your family is getting transferred to a new city, it is always a hassle to transfer the furniture around, since fragile things get damaged. Now, you can sell them on and do not have to worry about getting broken furniture in your new home. Also, you might get bored with your old furniture and would like to swap them with some fresh new designs. You can also buy second-hand books online, sell old mobile phones, refrigerator, etc. brings you locality search where you can check the items near you. There is a live chat feature where you can interact with people interested in exchanging goods with you. It is fast and easy, and hence you can exchange, buy or sell the items within 48 hours of your listing. Also, you can list any kind of item and it is completely safe and secure.

Lets, check out some statistics about so far. As of now, 42,083 items have been listed, 43,982 people have shown interest. Around 16,848 offers were made and there are 3,075 market demands currently. The most popular cities on are Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Patna, Kochi, Bhopal, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Lucknow, Pune and Gurgaon.

So, try out and relive the old barter system!

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