Facebook rolls out new feature for Advertiser

Facebook has rolled out a new “Bandwidth Targeting” feature globally for advertisers to help them reach people based on the type of network. This kind of step will especially help the developing countries like India where most people have limited low bandwidth network data plans.

Mostly Indian use 2g networks which is very slow so targeting by mobile network type helps advertisers choose creative that will run smoothly on any given device and connection speed. Based on the new feature the advertisers will reach people based on the network connection — 2G, 3G or 4G — they most often use when accessing Facebook. The US-based firm, which has over 1.32 billion users globally, already offers advertisers to reach people based on the type of device they use (smartphones, feature phones and tablets) as well as device model and operating system.

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Facebook has the 2nd largest user base in India. Over 9 lakhs small and medium businesses (SMBs) are leveraging its platform. Youth now a days want faster internet and smooth experience on their phone. Facebook mobile network targeting can improve the experience people have with Facebook ads by helping advertisers deliver the right experience while respecting people’s device bandwidth and data costs,” Facebook Product Marketing Manager Brendan Sullivan said.

Many other firms like Vodafone is also testing these new targeting capabilities and have come up with good early results. ”We are excited about the new mobile targeting option on Facebook which allows us sharper targeting to a relevant audience,” Vodafone India Senior Vice President (Brand Communication, Insights and Online) Ronita Mitra said.

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