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Facebook for iOS 8 got new app with many updated features.

Facebook is updating their app for new iOS. Users can simply tap the share icon and select Facebook to share a link, photos, videos and content from other apps. They can also specify the audience the content will be shared with, add locations, specify what they are doing or tag friends. Facebook is also enhancing the app with a new and cleaner design that takes advantage of the larger and better iPhone 6 displays.


Designing Facebook for iOS 8

  •  Facebook for iOS 8 will have an improved experience for people who want to share content from other apps to Facebook. By simply tapping the share icon and selecting Facebook, you can choose to share a link to a website from your browser, photos or videos from your camera roll, and content from other apps.
  • Facebook for iOS 8 will have an updated share screen similar to what you already see in the Facebook app. From there, you can select the audience you want to share with, add a location, say what you’re doing, or tag friends.

Location Settings

  •  Nothing has changed about how Facebook gets location information from devices, but Apple has updated its Location Services setting:
  •  With iOS 8, Apple has changed its Location Services setting. Before, there were only two choices for the kind of permission you could give an app: On or Off. Now, there are three choices: Always, While Using the App, or Never.
  • When you update to iOS 8, if you previously used Facebook with Location Services set to “On,” you’ll notice that the location setting now starts out at “Always” (the new Apple setting option).

Adam Mosseri, Product Management Director, Facebook posted in the company’s blog post.

“Facebook does not get location information from your device in the background (that is, while you’re not using the app) unless you give us permission by turning on a feature that requires this, like Nearby Friends. Also, if you choose to turn on a feature like this, you’ll always be able to use your Facebook settings to control whether Facebook gets your location information in the background.”

There is no such change in Facebook’s privacy policy as of now. The newer update will roll out to iOS 8 users in coming week.

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