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Facebook beta app will open web-links with a built in browser

Last week Facebook updated its messenger for Windows but this time its Android. Facebook is again testing a new bit of functionality in its Android app with a subset of users. After the most recent update, people are suddenly seeing a built-in browser that loads timeline links rather than booting you out to a full browser.


The browser appears to just be a WebView like many other apps use. Plenty of Twitter apps do the same thing when you open a link, for example. In this case, you get a drop down menu with forward/back buttons, copy link, open with, and save. If one wander off to the browser every time they open a link, they might get distracted. Is this a good move by Facebook, that will be clear in due course. This app feature is still in beta and should be available to all in the coming month.

Source: AndroidPolice

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