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Exclusive: OnePlus to abandon invite system for OnePlus One in October

OnePlus One, is dubbed as a flagship killer all over the world and is in plently of demand. But it is available in only selected countries and via its infamous ‘Invite’ system. Looks like its about to change. Lets find out more on the same.


OnePlus had earlier posted a job listing to get an executive to start their operations in India. They are looking to expand into more and more markets as they ramp up their production. Indians who bought the OnePlus One so far, had to arrange an ‘Invite’ which is only valid for 1 day and then purchase it from USA and ship through SnS or other services. Things could change drastically as OPO is looking to abandon the ‘Invite‘ system and start a ‘Pre-order‘ system as soon as October.

This was spotted in a Reddit AMA, where a question popped up regarding the end of the invite system. OnePlus responded by saying as follows:

We are working on a pre-order system, we were initially aiming for September but it’s been slightly delayed, hopefully we’ll be ready to launch it in October.”

So, it looks like OnePlus could well be heading towards India in October with a “Pre-order” system and maybe parter with ‘Flipkart” as well. Flipkart has offlate become the Exclusive partner of smartphone makers.

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