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Enable voice notifications using Tasker on Android devices (Video)

Notifications are essential part of any smart device in today’s world. Wouldn’t it be good if someone reads notifications to you instantly? Lets find out how it can be done using Tasker for all your Android devices.


Our friends, Android Kingdom is back with another useful video. In this video, we will find out how to enable voice notifications using Tasker and a plugin called ‘AutoNotification’ on Android devices. It works for each and every notification and for most of the apps, always.

You cannot ignore notifications at any point of time, even if you’re busy. There is an urge, to always check each and every notification. It is a major part of smartphone addiction, if you consider yourself an addict. However, with this simple steps, you can enable voice notifications and never miss on any important stuff while you are travelling, gymming, cycling, etc. Be it with the headphones or without, it simply works.

Tutorial: How to enable voice notifications using Tasker on Android?

Watch the video to find out, where Aman Surana from Android Kingdom has documented all the steps (easy) in a short video. Check it out.

Download links on Google Play Store: Tasker, AutoNotification

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