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Cyanogen Inc ditches OnePlus before India launch but no major concern

OnePlus, the Chinese company known for their flagship killer ‘OnePlus One’ is launching the phablet in India on December 2. Although, everything is going smoothly, there is a slight concern after Cyanogen Inc decided to stab OnePlus on the back and shake hands with Micromax in India. Is everything lost for OnePlus? Not at all.


OnePlus and Cyanogen Inc are like family but there has been a crack in the family when the later decided to go into an exclusive partnership with Micromax in India. Yes, you read it right, Cyanogen Inc will not support the OnePlus One devices in India and push OTA updates. Although, they will continue to support the devices globally.

OnePlus was looking to build their own custom ROM which will be ‘very stock’ based on Android 5.0 Lollipop for future devices but they would shift their engineering team’s focus to the OnePlus One following Cyanogen’s back stab. Thus, the company would release the first community build for the Indian customers next month, (January) and a production ready build by February. OnePlus also appreciates Google’s work on Android 5.0 Lollipop and has promised to stick with the Material Design language with no bloatware and unnecessary customisation. The company is committed to provide at least 2 years of support for the OnePlus One users in India.

So, Indian users won’t be getting OTA updates from Cyanogen, big deal? No. OnePlus One is a niche product mainly attracting tech savvy users, which means they have a fair bit of knowledge about flashing ROMs manually. Since, Cyanogen will provide updates globally, you can always flash it manually on your Indian variant. You won’t be voiding warranty of your device but the company warns its users to go ahead only if they are confident of rooting and unlocking the bootloader. Any physical damage to hardware during or after the procedure will not be covered under the warranty.

So, Cyanogen ditching OnePlus in India for an exclusive deal with Micromax isn’t a deal breaker for the potential Indian OnePlus One buyers. You can go ahead with your existing plan of purchasing the OnePlus One from Amazon India if you manage to get an Indian Invite. OnePlus would also provide online step-by-step help guides as well for any software update or bug fix.

We believe, OnePlus would be breaking up with Cyanogen globally in a year or two. They are building their own ROM which would allow them to have more control and integrate their hardware and software seamlessly. Thus, Cyanogen Inc making an exclusive deal with Micromax in India doesn’t come as a surprise. As they already are aware of OnePlus’ eventual plans and also knows the potential of Micromax in India at least in terms of ‘number of units’ sold. Also, hey, money talks!

So, OnePlus One would go on sale today in India exclusively on Amazon India for a price below Rs 25,000 for the 64 GB variant. The price would be announced at the event along with the location of service centres in India. The Global version of OnePlus One will ship to India and the software version of CyanogenMod will depend on the production batch.

OnePlus would also host an Reddit AMAA on December 5 to hear your feedback and clear all your doubts, if you have any. We would like to welcome OnePlus in India and wish them success. The company has come out clean despite a setback before an enormous launch event and we respect their intention of providing the best features and support for their fans. Never Settle.

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  • Ashwani Sethi

    cyanogen has done a big mistake, one plus is a leader with elite customer base in india (see and check one plus forum),cyanogen will loose customer base and has already lost respect, whereas micromax is popular among paanwala, rickshawwala and all labour class with an image of a reseller of cheap chinese phone, cyanogen must reconsider their decision atleast try to compensate with ota updates of one plus customer atleast for minimum one more year