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Cortana app for Android leaks ahead of official launch

Cortana, Microsoft’s own virtual assistant and an arch rival for Google Now and Siri has leaked online and is finally available on Android. The Cortana app for Android was leaked ahead of official launch.


The Cortana app for Android is currently on beta but can be downloaded on all devices running on Android 4.4 or later. The leak comes one month after Microsoft announced that their virtual assistant, Cortana will make its way to Android in beta by July. It is a competitor for Siri and Google Now and can perform an array of tasks like sending mails, setting up reminders, track your packages and flight details, search for restaurants. It keeps on getting accustomed to your habits and preferences over a period of time.

However, as Cortana for Android is still in beta version, the leaked version does not support commands like ‘Hey Cortana’, which is used to activate the assistant. To use Cortana app on Android, you will need a Microsoft Account. After signing in, it will directly go into Microsoft’s Bing search engine rather than Google’s Chrome.

In our brief testing period and checking the initial impressions on web, Cortana on Android performs better than Cortana on Microsoft Lumia. However, that is due to better optimisation or limited hardware capabilities on Lumias compared to Android devices is debatable. Still, Cortana performing better on Android will be a classic example of Microsoft Lumia not doing well in the smartphone industry.

Download link: Cortana app for Android APK.

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