Coolicool: A chinese online retailer/wholesaler of electronics, wants to make it big in India

There are many online stores in China from where Indians can purchase and import their favourite phones and accessories which are not available here or the price is too high. Coolicool is an online retailer/wholesaler of electronics who are looking to make an impact in India.


Coolicool started back in 2011 and they have been going strong in China as well as few European countries. They have warehouses in Europe as well and they ship products mostly via DHL. Coolicool’s tagline is, “The best prices to enjoy your life“. They offfer the best deals on their products and ship everything for free as well.

Coolicool wants to have a huge impact in India as they are not so popular here as compared to other countries. Indian smartphone market is the most growing market in the world and everyone wants to do well here. So, Coolicool has some special offers for the Indian customers as well who would like to buy from them. Coolicool specialises in smartphones, tablets as well as accessories. They also sell Apparels & Clothings, Watches & Jewelleries.


The coupon code for Indian customers is indialiushaung-5 which would give you $5 off on a minimum purchase of $100. The most appealing products which are imported by Indians are mostly devices from Xiaomi and One Plus. Coolicool has all the Xiaomi devices including the Mi 3 (recently discontinued from India), Redmi 1s, Redmi Note, Mi-Pad as well as the other accessories like the Mi PowerBank, Xiaomi Piston headphones, recently launched Mi Band, etc. The Mi 4 will also be available soon in large numbers.

The OnePlus One, known as the flagship killer is also available for purchase and yes, you don’t need an invite to purchase it as well. Both the 16 GB and 64 GB version are available for purchase. There are many chinese brands as well which one can look at as they are very good as well. Also, variety of accessories are available including Apple accessories for iPhone and iPad.

There are host of other brands available as well ranging from ZTE to Lenovo and tons of accessories. If you have any furthur, queries about Coolicool, do let us know in the comments section below. We would also let you know about special discounts and offers availble from time to time.

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