Buddy Aware: A new way to find your friends via Windows phone

A Spanish website reported that the Redmond based software giant, Microsoft is on a project of building an app which will help users to find their friends. The app is dubbed as ‘People Sense’ and might get a nomenclature of ‘Buddy Aware’.

people-sense-640x0 (1)

This buddy aware app will continuously track real time location of selected contacts and will simultaneously provide detailed direction.

It’s interesting to note that Windows Phone’s biggest competitors, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, both have (had, in Google’s case) official ‘friend finder’ apps. Find My Friends for iOS and the now-discontinued Google Latitude have allowed users to keep a track of their friends’ locations for years now, and People Sense is in typical Windows Phone fashion, late to the party. And just as Find My Friends integrates with the native mapping app and Google Latitude made use of Google Maps, People Sense uses Microsoft’s own Bing Maps to handle location tracking.

The app has call and messaging functionality built into the app, which should come in handy if you get lost or find yourself in a crowded place within a few feet of your friends. It will also allow users to mark favorite places like ‘home’ or ‘work’ and integrate them in the app.

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