BMW and HERE signs up for bringing “Intelligent Drive” driving experience

Lastly we have seen Volkswagen teaming up with Android and iOS services to bring their next generation of Infotainment system. Now HERE and BMW has teamed up to launch a service which has been named as ‘Intelligent Drive’. This driving service uses Nokia’s HERE navigation technology along with its mapping services.


Over the last 12 months, experts at BMW and HERE have worked together to deliver advanced features for connected cars that you can enjoy from the comfort of the driver’s seat without fumbling around with cables, GPS units or smartphones.

The “Intelligent Drive Technology” will allow the car to learn the tank level at which user usually refill and automatically search for gas stations when they get to that point. It will also offer smart parking recommendations, share the present destination and ETA and get safety alerts for hazards, speed restrictions and traffic.

Ogi Redzic, HERE’s Senior Vice President said,

“We believe consumers are looking for more than just a smartphone on wheels. HERE, which sits at the intersection of the consumer and automotive industries, can help automakers act quickly to radically upgrade the driving experience into a truly connected one, that consumers want and expect.”


HERE is developing application for BMW which will let user take actions from their smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smart TV’s and more. Using the app user can also share destination addresses or estimated times of arrival with contacts, via text or email. Moreover HERE has also announced a set of companion apps for Android and iOS that aim to help drivers with various recommendations.

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