Check out the Biggest smartphone sale on Gearbest (June 2016)

The biggest smartphone sale on Gearbest (June 2016) is here. Lets check out the different categories and products on sale without any further ado.

Biggest smartphone sale on Gearbest (June 2016)

Biggest Smartphone Sale on Gearbest (June 2016)

The important categories in the “Biggest Smartphone Sale on Gearbest” are Ultimate Flash Deals, Free Gifts, Intel Inside, Hot Sales, Scorching Brands and Local Warehouses. The sale will last for the next 3 days and 12 hours (till June 16). Now, lets take a closer look at each category.

Ultimate Flash Deals

In this particular category, there are very limited units on sale and deals are time specific. The products that are left in this category are as follows:

  • Elephone S3 – $99.99 (10 units)
  • Bluboo Xfire 2 – $39.99 (10 units)
  • Teclast Tbook 11 2-in-1 Ultrabook Tablet PC – $139.99 (10 units)
  • NEXBOX N9 TV Box – $17.99 (13 units)
  • NEJE DK 5 Pro DIY Laser Engraver – $43.89 (15 units)
  • Floureon H101 RC Quadcopter – $9.99 (200 units)
  • 37 Degree L18 Fitness Watch – $12.99 (30 units)
  • AUSFOM S10 Bluetooth Earphone – $8.99 (500 units)
  • CREE XPE Q5 LED Flashlight – $1.89 (70 units)

Free Gifts

We all love free gifts. So lets check out how we can get free gifts in this promotional sale on Gearbest. In order to get a gift, we have to get a lucky ticket, which can be gathered in two different ways.

  • Use paid order number ($40 or more) and win a lucky ticket from the LUCKY DRAW
  • Share #GBSummerDiscount on social media channels (get 1 ticket each)

The winner list of Free Gifts will be published at 06:00 UTC on June 13, 14 and 15. Try your luck!

Intel Inside

As the name suggests, this particular category has all the products that include tablets, laptops, TV Boxes and Motherboards, which are all powered by Intel chipsets. Lets take a look at few of them, since there are a lot of products.

  • Chuwi Hi12 – $219.99 (150 units / Coupon Code: intel11)
  • Chuwi HiBook – $169.99 (200 units / Coupon Code: intel12)
  • Cube i9 – $399.99 (250 units / Coupon Code: intel14)
  • Cube iwork8 – $74.89 (150 units)
  • Teclast X89 – $73.39 (150 units)
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 – $168.69 (200 units)
  • Acer E5-573G-55YL Laptop – $499.99 (50 units)
  • VOYO V3 Mini PC – $196.99 (150 units)

Check out the other products in this segment here.

Hot Sales

This category is divided into a lot of segments such as Phones and accessories, Tablets and PC, Computers and Networking, Consumer Electronics, Toys and Hobbies, Home and Garden, Electrical and Tools, Outdoors and Sports, Automotive Gear, LED lights and Flashlights, Watches and Jewellery and Stylish Apparel.

Scorching Brands

One of the most popular brand in China is Xiaomi and this category has all the best Xiaomi devices. You can check them out here.

Local Warehouses

Last but not the least, we have the ‘Local Warehouses’ category as Gearbest has warehouses in the U.S. and EU. Get awesome discounts on a lot of products depending on your closest warehouses. The products will also ship to your place faster, if you purchase from the nearest warehouse.

Do let us know in the comments section below, if you want us to bring more such promotional activities in the future or not. Stay tuned to The Techolic for more.

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