Apple’s Mac Pro line-up to be upgraded with new Xeon chips

Last year Apple  launched its redesigned Mac Pro, moving to a compact cylindrical design which had 2 Thunderbolt ports for the sake of expansion. It started to ship at the end of 2013 with very few devices available. The shortage of devices continued till June when the shipping estimates for the Mac Pro reached the “within 24 hours” level and Apple’s own retail stores began stocking the Mac Pro for immediate purchase.

Intel has been working on new Xeon chips which will replace the “Romley’ chips used in the previous Mac Pro.Intel announced last month that it had begun shipping some versions of the new Xeon E5 v3 chips to server makers, and widespread availability is reportedly set for September.A significant set of E5-2600 v3 series chips, including several that recently became available for pre-order and could be used as an upgrade to the current top-of-the-line 2.7 GHz 12-core E5-2697 v2 chip found in the Mac Pro.The new 14 core 2.7Ghz E5-2697 v3 chip comes with an higher thermal rating.


The E5-2600 v3 series chips,the E5-1600 v3 series chips come with higher thermal ratings than their predecessors. All of the new chips in both series support faster DDR4-2133 memory, which will also contribute to improved performance. Talking about graphics, Apple uses customized versions of AMD’s FirePro series of high-end graphics cards, although Apple’s D300, D500, and D700 options can be roughly equated with AMD’s W7000, W8000, and W9000 on the PC side.

Below is the changeover of the present processor used in Mac Pro with the upcoming Xeon E5 v3 chips. Have a look
4-core:  3.7 GHz E5-1620 v2 moves to 3.5 GHz E5-1620 v3 or 3.7 GHz E5-1630 v3
6-core:  3.5 GHz E5-1650 v2 moves to 3.5 GHz E5-1650 v3
8-core:  3.0 GHz E5-1680 v2 moves to 3.2 GHz E5-1680 v3

Source: MacRumos

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