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Apple’s iPad Air 2 is the fastest iOS device ever.

Earlier today we pointed out the Benchmark scores of the new iPad Air 2 which packs in 3 cores clocked at 1.5 GHz along with 2 GB of RAM under the hood. Apple claimed that ‘iPad Air 2 is the fastest iOS device ever’ during the event. let’s see deep into it.

ipad_air_2_geekbench_multiThe latest iPhone 6 sports a A8 chip while the iPad Air 2 sports a A8X chip. The A8X chip has a striking difference with the A8 chip according to the Benchmark scores. The best improvement comes in the multi-score benchmarks, where the A8X with its three cores of processing power blows away the dual-core A8 found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. As a result, the iPad Air 2 registers over 55 percent faster than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the multi-core benchmark. Comparing iPad to iPad, the A8X in the iPad Air 2 measures 68 percent faster than the A7 in last year’s iPad Air according to the multi-core benchmark.

ipad_air_2_geekbench_singleThe new iPad Air haven’t compromised the single core benchmark, it has also topped that list.It has nearly 13 percent gain over the A8 coming from the 100 MHz speed improvement compared the 1.4 GHz cores found in the iPhone and 6 Plus. So these two Benchmark scores are enough to prove that this being the fastest iOS device ever.

Via: MacRumors


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