Apple Watch to be launched in India on November 6

Apple is all set to launch the Apple Watch in India on November 6. This is on time with the Diwali festival in the country. The Cupertino company launched the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in India couple of weeks back.


The Apple Watch section on the official Apple India website used to show “Coming Soon” which has now changed to “Available 6/11“. Thus, it will go on sale in India starting from November 6, 2015. It was announced back in September 2014 and went on sale in April in USA, UK, Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong. It was also released in Mexico, Singapore, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan on July 26.

There is no information on the India pricing yet but it went on sale in UAE yesterday and costs AED 1,399 for the base Sport version. With the exorbitant iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus pricing in India, the Apple Watch is expected to be costly as well, when compared to other countries.

Apple Watches are highly customisable with an array of different digital watch faces to suit different tastes. Each of the watches is available in two different screen sizes for different sized wrists: 38 mm and 42 mm. The display of the watch is flexible, durable Sapphire display.

The Apple Watch uses unique input methods, which takes advantage of the traditional watch dial or crown, refered as “digital crown” by Apple. This scroll-type wheel allows users to zoom and scroll through various user interface elements.


The smartwatch takes advantage of new pressure-sensing technology and is able to determine the difference between a tap and a press, allowing for a new range of contextually specific controls. A second physical button next to the digital crown lets users tap to bring up a list of contacts and then communicate with friends by sending quick drawings, messages, and animated emoji. It’s also possible to send a heart beat, drawn from the watch’s sensor.

The smartwatch houses a custom designed chip, the S1 processor, which integrates many subsystems into one singular module. The back side of the watch has been constructed by zirconia with four sapphire lenses which can detect pulse rate. There is also a gyroscope and accelerometer, which will help the Apple Watch provide a comprehensive picture of daily activity. It has a new Taptic Engine which allows users to hear and feel the design of the user interface.

The device uses a MagSafe with inductive charging which is located at the back side. The user need not worry about the exposed contacts or aligning the charger properly.

The Apple Watch will support third-party apps, with support for both extended notifications from the iPhone and apps that run directly on the device.

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