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Apple might face patent issues with its new reversible USB

Many leaks are surfacing online related to Apple and it’s newly developed reversible USB connector. Apple is looking forward to this reversible USB connector for its next-generation Lightning cables, making it easier for users to plug the cables into their computers, chargers, and other equipment with standard USB ports.

Apple filed the patent for such a design in January 2014, Patently Apple reported. Further, Apple isn’t the only company with this technology. A California company by the name of UltraTek already holds a patent for the reversible connector and is selling cables through major online retailers.FLipperUltraTek has filed a patent application for its “User-Friendly USB Connector” technology in 2009 and was awarded the patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2010. In this patent, the company describes a cable with two sets of conductive contact pins that allow it to be inserted into a USB port in either orientation.

More than just a patent, UltraTek is marketing its reversible cable under the brand name Flipper, with distribution through TrippLite. Different configurations of the reversible USB cables can be purchased through retailers such as Newegg, TigerDirect and others for less than $10.

Keeping everything aside, let us remind you all once again that Apple is going to unveil its new iPhone 6 on September 9 in an event. Stay tuned to our blog for more upcoming news.

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