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Apple iPhone prices hiked in India by Rs 2,500

Apple iPhone prices hiked in India after the Union Budget 2015 by Rs 2,500. iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5s are all affected by the price hike. Buy them on Flipkart and Amazon for cheaper prices.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which was launched back in September last year launched in India on October 17, 2014. iPhone prices are already steep and after the recent budget, iPhone prices hiked in India by Rs 2,500, due to increase in excise duty on mobile phones imported into India. The excise duty was increased from 6% to a whopping 12.5% in one go. Let have a look at the updated pricing.

Apple iPhone prices hiked in India

Phone                               Old Price                           New Price

iPhone 5s 16GB                Rs 44500                              Rs 47000

iPhone 5s 32GB                Rs 49500                              Rs 51000

iPhone 6 16GB                  Rs 53500                              Rs 56000

iPhone 6 64GB                  Rs 62500                              Rs 65000

iPhone 6 128GB                Rs 71500                              Rs 74000

iPhone 6 Plus 16GB          Rs 62500                              Rs 65000

iPhone 6 Plus 64GB          Rs 71500                              Rs 74000

iPhone 6 Plus 128GB        Rs 80500                              Rs 83500

iPhone priced hiked in India officially but still you could buy them Flipkart and Amazon which offers big discounts with attractive cash back offers. We still think Apple could do away with the price hike as they had a record breaking quarter in the history of any company with a profit of US $18 billion.

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