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Apple to allow Left-handed users to choose from Apple Watch’s Interface orientation

Apple has unveiled its most awaited Apple Watch at a media event yesterday. The Apple Watch comes in 6 different color variant and much more options to accessorize with. At the event Apple gave a demo of the Apple Watch, but that was for right-handed user. They didn’t address things on how a left-handed user will use the device.


Slashgear has got information on how the device would work for left-handed people. Apple would allow users to choose the watch’s interface orientation starting upon for the first time. Apple also said that ‘left-handed users will still be required to adapt to the Digital Crown input on the Apple Watch, which is on the bottom left side when the device is worn on the correct wrist’.

The device is priced starting at $349 and will be available with 2 different screen sizes, one of 38mm and another 42mm. The Apple Watch would be available to buyers in early 2015.

Via: MacRumors

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