A bunch of Android Wear apps worth giving a try

After Google I/O we have seen Android Wear integrations are highly prioritized by developers. Google Playstore now has a dedicated page with apps support for Android Wears. Here we will list down some apps which has got Android Wear support and could be highly useful to you. Give it a try pals.


 Tockle Is Essentially ‘Tasker’ app with Android Wear Support, and now its out of  Beta.This app allows you to automate just about anything on Android, but it’s a little complicated. Some people are crazy into Tasker. This app includes a few automation options that can be managed from a Wear device, but it can also pull in Tasker profiles so you can trigger almost anything from Wear . Tockle enables control of your phone from your wrist. Toggle WiFi and other system settings, send an SMS message, and even activate Tasker tasks with a simple tap.


2.Attopedia for Android Wear

Attopedia Is A Surprisingly Good Way To Browse Wikipedia On Android Wear.There are many apps that are trying to use Android Wear in a way.. We think Wikipedia on the watch would be one of those, but Attopedia is actually quite nice. You can search by voice, open articles by section, and scroll around to read.This is a free, open-source application for browsing Wikipedia content in an effort to make the world’s information more accessible from smart watches but this app is currently supporting English only.

Wearsquare Attopedia


3.Android Wear Rebooter

This is the first root-only app  for Android Wear, but it’s not hard to root the devices. This app is a lot like reboot managers for regular Android devices—it lets you reboot, reboot into recovery, reboot into bootloader, and shut down all from one menu. There are no tools to manage root access yet, so be careful if you decide to give Android Wear Rebooter a shot.This app gives reboot options for Android Wear devices (mainly the watches at the moment). Remember – **This app requires root**


4.Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Updated With Android Wear Support. Last week  acebook Messenger added improved support for Android Wear. The updated Messenger will let you respond via voice, and the new notification buttons for thumbs up and reply will come over to the watch.


5.Whatsapp beta

The beta version of Whatsapp has Wear support now, which will make a large number of people very happy. This app has almost 1 billion downloads in the Play Store, but you have to go through the Whatsapp site to install the app right now. That’s just how the company tests betas.The build number of the app is 2.11.318 onwards. The Android Wear support includes stacked notifications and voice replies.

6.Nexus Watch Face

A watch face from the developer ‘Netgeek’ . This one celebrates all that is Nexus with a simple round clock with Nexus colors. Intersting one though yet colourful.

Nexus Watch

7.Text Me! Free Texting & Call

 Text Me offers free SMS (not IM) messaging through its app in a few dozen countries. There are also free calls available in a subset of those. There is a standard Android app, but now it also has Wear support. You’ll see call notifications and be able to view messages, then reply to them directly from your wrist. Free Texting (real SMS messages) to any Phone number in the United States, Canada and 40 countries.Free HD Voice and Video Calls between Android and other platforms.

Text me

8.The Traveler

The idea behind The Traveler is that you can track all the specifics of a trip in one app and then view it later. It tracks where you are, pulls in location data, and can account for stops and points of interest that you enter. The Android Wear integration lets you add recordings and create new trip markers without touching the phone app.It is created at Ball State University, Traveler is a trip journal and digital sketchbook, designed for anyone who travels and wants to capture the experience in one seamless package.


Your phone is in your pocket and someone is talking to you. Taking out your phone is rude, but surreptitiously tapping at your watch? Genius. WearSquare can be used to explore nearby locations and check-in all from your wrist. You can also start navigation to a nearby location from the watch app. It is basically a scale down version of Foursquare on your smartwatch.


If you think that we missed anything to mention in the post above, do drop down a comment and let us know. We’ll surely appreciate that.

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