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Amazon India to enter the refurbished smartphone market with Xiaomi and Samsung devices

Amazon India is looking forward to sell refurbished Xiaomi and Samsung devices on its portal. The refurbished smartphones / phablets come with 6 months (or more) of warranty from the brand, as seen in the past.


However, Amazon India is known for its quality and has promised that the refurbished devices’ quality will not be compromised. It will not be a full-fledged business model but a test model at the start, where Amazon will analyse if this model turns out to be profitable or not. The company will be taking customer feedback about the same and will determine its future in the long run.

The devices will be marked as refurbished on the Amazon India portal as that it does not mislead consumers and help them distinguish between new units and unboxed ones. The new initiative is now in pilot mode and will include limited number of devices from Xiaomi and Samsung. With time, more smartphones / phablets will be included in the near future. Most importantly, these listings will be fulfilled by Amazon.

We have already seen marketplaces like Overcart, TogoFogo and others have started selling refurbished products. With the likes of Amazon and other players coming into the market, the refurbished market will surely pick up in India. The model is quite popular abroad, specially in USA.

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