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Amazon India’s messed up delivery service despite Jeff Bezos’ $2 Billion investment

E-commerce is now big in India. Flipkart exclusive or Amazon exclusive (Snapdeal Exclusive?! Not many care about them) is the new cool in the online retail world. Great expectations (consumers) come with great responsibility (service). Are these big boys living up to their responsibilities? Lets have a look what Amazon India is up to post their gimmicky Diwali Dhamaka Sale.


Mr. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon recently invested $2 Billion in Amazon India to compete against Flipkart, who literally drives the e-commerce market in India and gain a respectable market share. So, in order to compete with Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale, Amazon India had to offer their own version as well. The company started Diwali Dhamaka week which ran from October 10-October 16. In reality, Amazon India offered better deals on Flipkart’s Big Billion Day in comparison to their own Diwali Dhamaka Week Sale. But that is another issue all together but our focus is on the SERVICE part.
These deals offered by all the e-commerce sites meant Indians literally over spending money to buy all their favourite products. Ok, who is going to deliver these products across India during an extended festival season? You should have thought about this issue before announcing your mega deals, right? No, none of the e-commerce giants thought about this and deliveries got screwed. It is so so bad that even today, people didn’t get deliveries of purchases made in Diwali Dhamaka week from Amazon India. It is almost a month now and the company is literally.
Let us have a look at one such incident faced by Aman Surana from Android Kingdom.
I had ordered 12 NFC tags from a seller called “LINQS” on Amazon India on October 15, 2014. I successfully placed the order, and it was shipped the very next day (October 16), and the estimated delivery date was October 22, and till date (November 4) I didn’t receive my package. The NFC tags costed me around Rs 800, although it was placed via COD so my money didn’t get blocked, thankfully.
Amazon tracking said that they attempted the delivery on 20th October but I wasn’t available. It is actually a fake attempt which I guess many of you are aware of since it is happening since ages now. It being the Diwali week, I couldn’t leave my house with all the guests and festivities, But okay whatever floats their boat.
Because of the Diwali rush, I understood Amazon’s Delay till 24th, and on 25th I became impatient, and wrote to the seller. The seller himself had no idea what was happening, so he opened a ticket on Amazon India’s seller support, and his ticket was marked as pending for days. That’s what he told me.
The seller messaged me, “Unbelievably unprofessional. My ticket is still marked ‘Pending Amazon Response’.  They can read all the messages here…at the very least should inform whats going on…!”
I waited, kept waiting for a reply from Amazon since the seller couldn’t help me as it was shipped through Amazon transportation services (ATS).
On October 29, I had called Amazon India, asking them to help me out, very calmly. They said, “We’ll deliver your order tomorrow before 8 PM (IST)” I happily got my appointment rescheduled,  hoping to get my order by October 30. The customer service representative also said my package has been lying in my local hub since the last 10 days.
Is it my responsibility to call up Amazon India and ask them where my package is? If it had been delayed, or if they attempted the delivery, isn’t it Amazon India’s responsibility to call me and inform me about the delay on my registered phone number? The company’s Online tracking very easily said, “Please contact Amazon” and the funny part being, it still shows “Out for delivery” in my tracking status.
The next day, tracking said “The customer requested the appointment to be rescheduled”.
I waited for my package till 9 PM instead of the 8 PM as asked by Amazon India, and it was quite upsetting, I expected Amazon’s service to be better.
At exactly, 9:10 PM I picked up my phone, and called them again, The customer service representative, again said, “Sir, tomorrow before 8 PM” I was like, okay! At least give me my package, for which I have been waiting for.
Again, is it my responsibility to call up Amazon India or e-mail them and ask them where my order is? or is it their responsibility to inform me about the delay again? and giving me a reason for it?
It was October 31, 8:50 PM, and I still didn’t receive my package. Feeling bad, I called up Amazon India again at 9 PM. A customer service representative picked up, and this time I couldn’t let them go off this easy.
I asked them simply and calmly, “where’s my package now?”
They replied, “Sir, We are checking an internal tracking, and I’ll contact the seller and let him know that you are having trouble with delivery.”
Not knowing, that the package had been shipped via Amazon services itself, so the seller couldn’t do anything as well, the guy put me on hold, and e-mailed the seller regarding my problem, knowing again that I have been in contact with the seller since day one, and replied in our conversation.
We’ve been contacted by one of our mutual customers regarding an order placed with your store. Below is the information provided by the customer:
Item: SMARTRAC Circus NFC Tag (NXP NTAG203) – Set of 6 Stickers
Reason: Where’s My Stuff ?
Details: The item has not arrived as scheduled. Please send a status update to the customer.”
How is the seller supposed to help me? Amazon is shipping as well as delivering it, instead of the normal Bluedart or FedEx.
But this call wasn’t over yet. The Customer service representative gave me an alternative to place another order and only pay for the one which comes first, which I wouldn’t do. It wasn’t my time to waste in placing another order, Isn’t it the Customer Service’s responsibility to help me out, do I have to make a call every time my package has been delayed? 20 times a day? Writing emails 24 hours a day? No, I am way busy and don’t have time for this bullshit.
Customer Service : “Sir, I’ll make sure and try to resolve this issue within 24 hours.”
Me : “I don’t care how you do it, I want my package, and this time I am not calling you guys or e-mailing you again to find where my package is! You call me, inform me about what are the next steps, and get me my order, instead of me calling you guys 20 times a day, and being faced with a crappy caller tune while you keep me holding. “
I hung up.
November 1, 2014: Hoping to get my parcel finally, or at least a word from Amazon regarding the issue or any sort of updates, I grew impatient and called up Amazon India again at 12 Noon.
This time it was a long call, as soon as they picked up, after 5 minutes of my waiting,
I said,
“I am not interested in talking with you, please connect the call to a senior.”
Customer Service : “Okay, if you want to talk to my senior I’ll connect the call.”
Call was on hold for another 5 mins.
Customer Service : “Sir, could you please tell me your concern so I can inform the senior? And ask him to help you on the same?”
I told him the problem, that my package has not been delivered since 12 days, even lying in my home town.
Customer Service : “Sir, please hold I’ll connect the call to my senior and at the same time, track the package and call up the delivery department and ask them about it.”
I waited for the call to be transferred to the senior, kept waiting, and the call was on hold for 15 Minutes!  Yes that’s right, 15 minutes!
Senior : “Sir, I understand your problem, and I’ll make sure you get your package tomorrow i.e., the 2nd of November, and I myself would keep a track on this package.”
Me : “What time shall i expect the package? Before 8 PM?”
Senior : “Positively before 8 PM”
Me : “What if I don’t get the package again? You tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”
Senior : ” Sir you’ll get the package tomorrow.”
And this went on and on for a couple of minutes, afterwards,
Me : “This time, I am not calling you, again or e-mailing the seller, I don’t have that much time to waste on calling you guys, now you are supposed to call me and notify me even if the package is delivered, or delayed again”
Senior : “I’ll call you up Monday morning to notify you of the status, weather delivered or undelivered”
Me : “You don’t call me, you’ll lose a customer.”
I hung up.
My tone for the entire conversation was kinda rude and its obvious.
You guys (readers) tell me, Is it our (consumers) responsibility to call up Amazon India for 5 days and ask them where the package is? After being given a guarantee everyday, that the package is coming next day, which never arrives. I still have to see, whether I get the package today or not, or an e-mail about my order being cancelled tomorrow.
Amazon India has been very disappointing for me and many of my friends as well. We have read about similar delivery issues across Twitter and Facebook. We hope many of you are on the same boat. So, please share this article with Amazon India on their social media pages and raise your voice against this. We want answer from “AMAZON INDIA”. Speak up.
We just wish, Mr. Jeff Bezos’ money is used properly and we do not have to encounter this bullshit service anymore. Cheers!

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