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60,000 units of Xiaomi Redmi 1s sold out in 13.9 seconds; registrations for next sale starts at 6 pm today

Xiaomi Redmi 1s went on sale today at 2 pm on Flipkart and 60,000 units were available for purchase. Registration starts at 6 pm today. To register go here, now.


As per our prediction, Xiaomi Redmi 1s was sold out again at a glance, this time it being 13.9 seconds. Recent launch of Android One devices didn’t affect its sale at all. In fact it sold out quickly inspite of 60,000 units and it remains the most wanted device in the smartphone market.

Xiaomi did giveaway the Micro-SIM card sleeve and Screen Protector free of charge with today’s Redmi 1s order. The company also did take steps against black marketing of Redmi 1s by reducing the check out time and we welcome this move. If you are lucky enough to order it, you have to complete the order by 2:30 pm today.

Xiaomi has also started selling the Piston 2 headphones today and we have already reviewed them. You can check out our review here. They are out of stock now and we do not have any idea how many were in stock but expect it to be available again in few days time.

Xiaomi is bringing back the Mi 3 this Diwali but we do not know the exact date yet. Xiaomi is looking to sell 100,000 smartphones every week during Diwali according to a report by Reuters. This would mean Xiaomi would be subsequently selling the Redmi 1s as well as the Mi 3 together during Diwali.

We expect another 60,000 units of Redmi 1s to be up for sale again on October 7. The registration for the next sale will start at 6 pm today. To register go here, now.

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