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The 4th flash sale of Xiaomi Mi 3 will start at 2pm on Flipkart tomorrow

The Xiaomi Mi 3 has created a buzz in the Indian smartphone market due to its affordable price with super specs and also how hard is it to get hold of one. It is easily the most wanted phone in India at this moment.

Mi3_Flash Sale

The 4th flash sale of  Xiaomi Mi 3 will be held on August 12 at 2pm on Flipkart tomorrow. This time Xiaomi has managed to put on 20,000 Mi 3 units which is an increase of 5,000 over the previous flash sale of 15,000 units on August 5. The 15,000 units were sold out within a blink of an eye ie, 2 seconds. As usual there was a large section of people who were left disappointed on not being able to get through after multiple tries for the last three weeks. Some even criticised Mi India of bluffing about the actual no. of Mi 3 units put on sale.

Well, Mi India isn’t bluffing at all and yes they have been able to sell 15,000 units in 2 seconds because over 1,50,000 people were looking to buy it. I myself had tried to book a Mi 3 unit for my friend but failed to do so.

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The Mi 3 will only be available for people who has registered for participating in the flash sale before 11:59 pm August 11. If you haven’t registered yet, click here.

We would advice the buyers to login 1 hour before the sale starts and have a good internet connection as that is the differentiating factor between purchasing your dream phone and being disappointed. The war will certainly be won by a matter of nanosecond.

Reportedly, more than 1,00,000 people have already registered for the 4th flash sale of Xiaomi Mi 3 and we wish everyone best of luck to get their dream smartphone tomorrow.

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